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My 9yo daughter has recently started to look a little thicker around the middle. But this has also happened before right before a growth spurt.

I've been making an effort to be sure we're more active regularly. During the school year, she's already pretty active between dance class twice a week, gym class, running around at recess and often an after school sport club. During the summer I've had to be more proactive about making sure she's moving.

As far as eating, when we do discuss it its always as what's healthy and better for your body and energy, never use the word fattening. Since she's getting ready to grow she has been hungry often. And when she's picking something that's going to be mostly starchy and not that great for her, I remind her about including some kind if protein or something that will actually satisfy her hunger. Not something that will leave her hungry again in 20 minutes.
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