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Will you return to post here after your last potty trains?

  • yes- love cloth diapers too much to leave!

    Votes: 22 56.4%
  • no, time to move on

    Votes: 17 43.6%

When your last is out of dipes...

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Will you visit this board and offer words of support and experience? (Some moms do this on other boards like breastfeeding boards). Are cloth diapers a passion that just won't die? Or will you just move and say, that was a nice time, but its over?
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I don't plan to have this problem for awhile, and ya'll will be sick of me by then :LOL
I don't think I'll be able to stay away. I really think cloth diapering is great, and love this board.
I'll probably still be here.
We're thinking that our DD is going to be an only, and since I'm just now getting into CDing (and DD is 17 months...) my interest is likely go outlive her time in dipes. :LOL Plus, I have LOTS of friends who are either TTC #1 or thinking of TTC #1 sometime soon, so I'll need to stay up on all the CD stuff so that I can encourage them to CD!
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You girls are stuck with me until Cynthia Mosher kicks me out!
I'm stayin too! I want more children so it will be after that I will still have to keep up on the dipes for baby shower gifts and stuff!
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Well, I will probably hang out until my grandkids are out of dipes!!!!! (No, I don't have any grandkids yet...) :LOL
Originally posted by trishshack
You girls are stuck with me until Cynthia Mosher kicks me out!
Oh Yeah, we are all weeping now. Also wailing and gnashing our teeth!!!
Aack! I hope that doesn't happen for a loooong time!

My dd is almost three and still in diapers
: and my ds is 5.5mo so we have a few years to do I bet. Plus, I'm hoping to have one or two more kids in the next five years if I can talk dh into it. He's already 41 so we'll be spacing them closely together if possible.
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I voted that I would stick around. I love cloth diapering, and I will always be on MDC, and I can't imagine not dropping by the diapering forum to check out what's going on. And I will have grandkids someday(hopefully), so I have to know what the best dipes are for them...right?
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