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When your partner doesn't agree with HSing . . .

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. . .is there anything you can do about it?

I am not against traditional schools (I have a master's in elementary ed. and taught in public schools), except that there isn't one that I love enough for DD. I think that HS would be better, or I'd at least like to consider it as a possibility,

DH is completely against the idea, esp. for social reasons. He was moved around a lot and had to constantly make new friends. It always made him an outsider, and he doesn't want DD to feel like one because of HSing. I can appreciate how this affects him . . .it's hard to reason away one's experiences and consider them rationally.

DH is not one for researching on his own and he really rebels
when he feels someone is trying to change his mind. For example, when I send him parenting articles that I think he'd agree with, he gets annoyed that I'm trying to change him.

I think this is an issue where both parents need to agree. Otherwise, I could see that there would be an incredible amount of scrutiny going on . . .moreso than if it were a trad. school setting. However, DD is ALREADY doing well. She is very social, confident, and obviously learning things that DH considers to be valuable (for example, she has started being able to write a word if I pronounce it slowly).

Any ideas?
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Is there a large homeschooling community where you live? Regular park days, reading groups, game days, etc? Perhaps you could start going to a few of the park days and bring your DH with you. We don't do those yet, because there are so many other homeschoolers close by. My oldest is only 3, but we've already made an effort to network with these local families with preschoolers to help give her a sense of continuity when her closest neighborhood friends go off to school (not the local public school coincidentally, all to private or charters).
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