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Where are all of the August 2004 Mamas?

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I've looked all over the board. Am I missing something? Have you all gone insane and been locked up, or is this just how I'm feeling these days?
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We just totally suck at keeping ourselves on the first page. Oh, and a few of us were locked up for insanity
. Hugs to you!
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My DD was born on 10 August 2004. Does she have a twin out there in MDC land?

I'm curious, does anyone else have a toddler this age who still loves the baby carrier and HATES the stroller (and in any event, prefers to walk most of the time)?
I'm here! I've been wondering where everyone is as well. I don't get as much computer time these days with Bash's naps being so late and short. I think he's thisclose to giving up naps altogether. Oh joy. So anyone else out there?
Hello! I'm fairly new here, and this thread caught my eye. My #3 child was born Aug 4, '04.

cmlp- my dd still loves the sling/MT/backpack. We use at least one of them everyday still. She does enjoy a stroller ride around the yard from her big sis from time to time too.

Originally Posted by sunrise3
cmlp- my dd still loves the sling/MT/backpack. We use at least one of them everyday still. She does enjoy a stroller ride around the yard from her big sis from time to time too.
Mine loves to be in the stroller in the apartment but not when we go out. She continues to like the baby carrier and likes to walk, too. She cannot stand the stroller for outings.

Anyone have a picky eater? DD loves meat and bread but it is a challenge getting her to eat her veggies!
Veggies can be a challenge at this age. One way that all my kids love veggies is in soup. I make a big pot of soup - usually in the crock pot - about once a week. They will pretty much eat any vegetable if it's in soup. Also, since your dd love bread, you could add carrots, zucchini, pumpkin, etc to breads or muffins.
I do the soup with lots of chopped veggies too. Canned green beans are a big hit. I know, I know, fresh is better, but fresh ones are more stringy and she will only eat one or two. Whereas, if it's canned green beans, s he'll eat half a can! What to do? No salt, but I add butter.

She is so into singing these days, action songs, it's fun to watch. OH. How are all the other babies doing with dairy? I can't for the life of me get this girl to drink cows milk. Maybe a few sips, that's it. She still nurses 3x a day or so, but I'd like to to drink milk too, and her ped said the kids need the fat in whole milk. Any suggestions?
My guy was born Aug 5 2004

He's just now getting to where he'll eat anything you put in front of him
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Hello all,

So many things going on these days. We're having a language explosion at the same time as a "fragile period". That boy can get quite upset at times and it's hard not to let it wear on our nerves. Still the fun and cuteness far outweigh any occasional screeching. I guess he's just testing boundaries and I'll admit that we're trying to re-set some of them.

Amazingly he's somehow gotten to the point that when I say "it's time to stop nursing and go back to sleep" he will actually pop off, roll over and go to sleep! I don't know what made me start saying this to him about a month ago, but he has no problem with it. I might have to say it two or three times if he's exceptionally sleepy but it's great. So now we're also getting to the point where I can nurse him for about 5 min at night, say that it's time to stop nursing and go to sleep and then actually walk out of the room while he's still awake and he will go to sleep!!!!!!!! Sometimes dad may have to go back in and sit with him for a little while, but it's all without much protest from the babe. This from a boy who's been strictly nurse till dead asleep since day one. I'm not writing it to boast (or to jinx myself), I'm just thinking that it would be worth a shot for someone else to try if you have the same nightly routine. I love the new freedom and am quite proud to say that he's morphing over without ever having had to do any crying it out.

I've also started taking a sippy cup of water to bed and offering that in the middle of the night vs. just rolling over and offering the boob since my guess is that he's just thirsty. He's about half and half with accepting that but when he does he pounds water for a minute and then goes back to sleep. Currently we just nurse before bed, a time or two at night, and then once before we wake up. I'm going away to a conference for a week
next week so it will be interesting to see what happens with night nursing when I get back. I've only ever been away for a night once or twice.

Who knows. It's a relief that some of the things I thought he'd just eventually grow into/out of are actually starting to happen.

For milk we give him 2% and he definitely seemed to like that more than whole milk. Maybe closer to breast? Granted - he weighs 36-37 pounds and is not so in need of the fat as others his age may be, so you might not want to do it. I don't know how long they're supposed to stick with whole milk.

I'm just having so much fun with the little boy that my baby is growing into.
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I have been without computer time. I can't keep up. DD (15) took State again, so she is off to the National competition- yet that isn't enough activity for her. 14 yo is now the tallest in our family- and my aug babe's favorite non lactating person. 6 yo is maturing and talking about first grade already and 4 yo is loving his spring sport.

our lovely 20 month old thinks he has asthma. i keep telling him he doesn't, but he had another attack this week.

work is insane, 2 majorprojects come to a head this week and 7 are waiting in the wings completeing 2 a month. there goes my summer. dh is still in school and we are looking into ways to get him to be afull timestudent so he can finish faster.

i will try to be better, but i make no promises. i really want to work out in the yard, but have issueswith the one neighbor so that is keeping me trapped in my own house. first project of this year is tall shrubs along the fence line!

laundry calls!
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My little one has 1 cup of milk day. She likes it just fine. We started out with goats milk, and I just this week switched to 2% cows milk. So far so good.

Hanbonem- I do a very simalar thing with dd when she's nursing at night. A couple months ago, she started saying 'all done' as soon as she would pop off the breast. It was so cute! So sometimes after she has nursed for awhile and is just sucking(I don't have much milk left) I will say 'all done?' and sometimes she says yes and then is ready to lay down to sleep. HOpe things go okay while you are gone.
Hanbonem our kids share the same birthday except mine was born in 2004 not 2005.

I can't belive how much dd has grown and that she is already 20months. She is finally speaking more which is nice, she is in love with walking on her tip toes.
yeah, hanbonem, that year might be wrong... unless you have a very advanced baby!

i was wondering if i'd missed you all starting an april thread, but i suppose not... link is seesawing between total charmer and demon spawn. at night i'll say "done" and about half the time he'll pop off and go back to sleep. tantrums are growing (three yesterday, and dh is out of town til tuesday, sigh!). he's getting pickier about eating these days, but mostly will at least try new things.

the thing that's been driving me nuts is pinching! if i'm doing something he doesn't like, or if he wants to nurse and i'm not disrobing fast enough for him, he pinches me, HARD. now i'm putting him down and walking away when he does it, but that's difficult in the middle of a poopy diaper change or in the grocery store. a phase, i hope, but one that's making me black and blue!

it's not all rocky times, though. he's getting a sense of humor (he asked what my earrings were, and when i said, "earring," he repeated it, then put his hand up to one and flicked it, saying with a grin "ring... ring... ring!")

nice to hear what you all have been up to. my laundry is calling too, but i've got years of practice ignoring it!

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Kyasmama- my dd also went through a phase of loving to walk on her tiptoes.
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Originally Posted by cmlp
My DD was born on 10 August 2004. Does she have a twin out there in MDC land?

I'm curious, does anyone else have a toddler this age who still loves the baby carrier and HATES the stroller (and in any event, prefers to walk most of the time)?
My ds, Alex, was born Aug. 10, 2004.

Alex is a big boy. He's 36" and 33lbs. He has food intolerances like his dad and one of his sisters. He can't have wheat, citrus, and dairy. I can't believe how much he's talking right now. His vocabulary has blossomed over the last month. He amazes me on a daily basis. He quit nursing at the beginning of the month and it made me look at how much of a toddler he is.

It's good to "see" all of you.
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Dawn I was wondering if her year was wrong too?
Hi everyone.

Sebastian will be twenty months old tomorrow! I can't believe it! And he's talking like crazy--complete sentences now. He still loves books, and he can't get enough trucks and diggers. (I, on the other hand, have had more than enough of them!!!)

He's always hated the stroller--loved his sling, then his Snugli, and now he's into an exterior frame backpack. We're going camping Memorial Day weekend for our first family vacation (and me and DH's first vacation in 3 years) and very excited to take him hiking in his backpack.

He'll drink cow's milk on cereal, but that's it. I've been giving him the Silk "Very Vanilla" soymilk. Yeah, it's got sugar in it, but it's also fortified with all kinds of stuff--even the B vitamins. He loves it. But he mostly drinks water (and breast milk a couple of times a day still)

He's still only 24.5 pounds and very tall--he's definitely long and lean. We went to the playground the other day, and he's climbing like crazy all of the sudden---stuff he couldn't do a week ago he's doing like a pro now. It still amazes me how fast these little folks develop.

Hope you all are well!
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Well, better late than never! Subbing to the thread... my ds was born August 18. He's a pistol, we have so much fun these days! Of course the temper has started to flair a bit now so all the reading I've done in the GD forum is coming in handy lol... Ds is a very nurturing little guy in need of lots of love and affection. He still nurses quite a bit, especially if we are at home. I think a lot of the time it is for comfort still. He still nurses 2-3 times at night although sometimes if I tell him no more baba (I'm not sure why he picked baba as the name for nursies but oh well) he'll just snuggle into me and go back to sleep. We cosleep although his crib (lowered to toddler bed position and without the one side rail) is side-carred to the bed and that is where he sleeps most of the night, he just comes over when he wants to nurse or cuddle for a bit.

DS has pretty much outgrown slinging of any sort, he finds them too confining, but he does like the exterior frame backpack that pp mentioned. We originally got it for nature walks, long beach walks, etc where he might get tired, but I use it to take him around stores and such all the time because he enjoys it so much. He uses the stroller once in a while, but usually it is when we go for walks in the evening - he prefers to ride for about five minutes and then get out and push it himself until he's tired.

We're going through a phase where he's understanding more and more, but he's also developing that will of his own and so begins the struggle when it comes to dipe changes, etc. He's got a great vocabulary and I just love to hear all the new things he has to say. The other day I told him he was such a strong boy for doing something, and he said to me "It's from working out, mama!" I don't even know where he GOT that from but I thought it was hysterical.
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