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Where are the fleece experts? Windbloc?

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Ok I know that the difference between windpro and windbloc is that the windbloc has a layer of laminate through the middle. Does this mean windbloc fleece is not breatheable? Or is it?
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I think all the MM fleece is supposed to be breathable, since they make it primarily for active outerwear.

OK, I checked out the MM store site and found this pic windbloc properties Does that help??
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That's what I am wondering Jen. I am interested in trying some Polar Babies Happy Pants but I don't want them if the fleece is not going to breathe. My whole reason for using primarily fleece is that is breathes but is easy to care for.
I KWYM - well according to the link Robin posted, it does breathe but I don't get how that's possible.
SOme laminates are breathable-I think It depends on the thickness? Like 1 ml PUL is breathable but 2 mm PUL is not? (that might be wrong)-here's a link from another fabric store that carries Windbloc:

It's a one-way breathing thing; vapor (heat, sweat) coming off the body can pass through, but air can't get back in.
Originally posted by girlfactory
It's a one-way breathing thing; vapor (heat, sweat) coming off the body can pass through, but air can't get back in.
That's exactly what I was wondering. Guess I won't be getting any Happy Pants
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Actually regular 1mil PUL is NOT breathable, only breathable PUL is. Some breathables are a little thinner than 1 mil regular and some are almost as thick as 2 mil regular. (I say regular to mean the non-breathable stuff most diaper mommas use)

The breathable laminates (or films) allow very small molecules to pass through both ways, so if air can go one way, it can go the other way. This fabric is designed to wick the moisture to the top where it can evaporate and the outside is water resistant to not allow wet to go back through. That part is more about the fleece parts of it, not so much about the layer of laminate in the middle.

But, FWIW, I have some Windbloc that I got to sample a while ago and it's sort of stiff and "crunchy" compared to Windpro, and you can feel that laminate in there. I much prefer Windpro (especially the lightweight stuff) for dipes, but the Windbloc would probably be good if I needed a good jacket
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