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Where can I buy a fishy pool...

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Or something comparable I can use for a homebirth. Of course, I was silly and didn't think of this at the beginning of summer when all the stores had pools! Now everyone has cleared they're "seasonal" stuff.
: I don't want to pay all the money for a rental tub (about $500! in my area), but I cried everytime the hot water heater ran out at my last birth! Anyway, any help is appreciated!
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I think there are two kinds out there, one is a bit bigger than the other. - i think they're sold out at the moment

That's all that I know, I'm sure there are more out there...

My mw lends out a birth tub, but if there is someone who has it before I go into labor then I'll likely be getting one of these...doesn't look like I'll be able to afford the aqua doula unless it's free. I'm in Florida and the pools and stuff are still not on clearance yet!
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I really recommend quality inflatables. This is the pool I used and I really liked it b/c it was 3 inches deeper than the other pools.

It is currently sold out, but they should stock it again soon. And you can't beat the price.
you ladies are great!
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