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Where can I buy bells for windchimes I'm making?

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I am making hemp windchimes and found some really cool bells on ebay. Well,now I can't find any more. I'm looking for distressed,from India type bells.
Not jingle bells. Am I making sense? If you can help please let me know.
Thanks mamas.
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Hiya, have you tried India Overseas Trading (in CA)? Online, they are at: (for bells and chimes).

The bells here are nice, good for chime making I would think: Not too "rustic", but nice (engraved etc). The rest of the bells they have are too shiny for what you want I think.

Try doing a search online (India imported bells), should pop up a few companies. Good luck!
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I make unique windchimes that sell really well at yard sales and craft shows. I use a terracota pot, paint it, get a plastic medicine cup (the hard kind), 4 spoons and let dh beat the spoons flat and drill a hole in each handle, use fishing line and a bolt and rig the cups to the medicine cup in 4 areas to keep them seperated when they swing around, place the medicine cup upside down inside the medicine cup with the bolt coming through the bottom of the cup and attaching it through the hole in the bottom of the pot and the spoons make the coolest chimes when they bag together.
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That sounds like an awesome idea! I'm having a hard time finding bells. There are jingle bells everywhere,but not cool ethnic imported ones. The web site dace101 gave me is great but you have to spend $70.00 min. I can't do that so I'm gonna keep lookin.
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Originally Posted by oldermamato5
The web site dace101 gave me is great but you have to spend $70.00 min. I can't do that so I'm gonna keep lookin.

I didn't know... Sorrrrrrrrrrrrrry!
: OMG, I feel... stupid.
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Don't be silly dace101,the bells are awesome,the ones you thought would work. I think it's crazy they require $70.00.
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