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where can I buy colored wool fabric?

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With summer coming, I'm thinking that I should make my DD some wool shorts to go over her fitted diapers - would simplify for summer. So, I am looking for wool fabric in girly colors - pink, lavender, etc. I think I have a piece of dark purple jersey in the closet somewhere - I need to find that. Where can I buy some other colors though? I know I could buy natural wool and dye it myself, but when I've tried that, I haven't had great results - it was fine for covers and such. For this project, I would rather buy fabric that was already the color I want it to be. I remember OneStopDiaperShop having some pink wool jersey at some point, but they don't have any color other than red right now. I checked some of the coops, but didn't see any there either. Suggestions?
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I'd love to find some too -- right now I'm going to just order natural and use Kool Aid to dye....
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I got mine from thrift stores. There are plenty of wool skirts, slacks, and sweaters, that are HIDEOUS as those garments but gorgeous as diaper covers.

I got an XL men's 100% italian merino sweater in cream for $3. I have used kool-aid to dye scraps of it into lots of colors I needed for appliques.
I second the thrift store idea, there is all kinds of great wool there just waiting to be made into covers. Especially now that warm weather is coming, a lot of stores have their sweaters on sale to clear them out. Be picky and don't buy the scratchy wool, make sure it passes the feel test. Look for Merino wool, it is so soft. And cashmere, it is soooooooo soft and makes a great cover.

Save it from the landfill! Put it on your baby's bum instead!
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