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Where Can I Buy HIP Maternity Clothing?

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I'm tired of floral patterns, tired of aqua and pink, and tired of candy cane stripes on my tank tops. I'm tired of large tenty t-shirts like the ones sold my Target. Where can I but some mean-looking black cool maternity clothes?

Oh, that doesn't cost a complete fortune?

I sense a niche market...
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Hi, HH. Have you got an H&M near you? Their stuff is super cute and hip, lots of black basics, and the most comfy waistband I've found by far. And yes, it's cheap.
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well I don't know how "hip" it really is, but I like Motherhood Maternity
I was spending a fortune elsewhere, and they have some cute stuff.
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i've successfully found cool stuff on ebay :p

like ultrawash black bootcut jeans, and dark green long-sleeved tees w/fishnet sleeves
most of it's going back to ebay and the tp now that there'll be no more babies.
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Yeah, honestly, eBay has been the only place I can find decent clothing, and that was stretching it. I mostly loathe Motherhood, but once in a while you can find a few cute tops there.
Japanese Weekend is one of the brand names you want to look for--they cost a small fortune new, but you can find some things on eBay. Also, Old Navy has been okay for a few basics--I bought a black tank top from them that I've lived in. Gap is hit or miss, I did find jeans there that I love.
It's definitely a niche market, if I knew how to sew I'd be starting a business right now! I hate button downs, I hate solid color t-shirts shaped like tents, and I hate floral patterns. That pretty much narrowed it down to nothing as far as my choices went!
All my favorite pieces this time are actually non-maternity. All the peasant style skirts/shirts that are so popular now are perfect for pregnancy. The skirts often have elastic or draw string waists (better than the belly band of death anyway) and I just buy larger shirts - the only challenge is finding ones that are long enough.
I second H&M Mama, they're even worth a drive.

Also, Japanese weekend, particularly if you're on the smaller side. You can get things on clearance on the website, usually the xs and s are the only sizes left though!
Third vote for H&M! They have great hip clothes at great prices. Gotta love that waist band. I got some tops there that I will wear even when not pregnant and I'm a fussy dresser!
My solution: find some plain tees and then design your own shirts. I found comfy, non-tent-shaped maternity tees at Old Navy (they had them in black!) and Motherhood and then decorated some in one of two ways:

1. used my computer to create a design and then traced it onto clear contact paper, cut the design out to create a sticky stencil, and applied fabric paint with a sponge brush (I made a really cool metallic star design on a black tee, it's my favorite mat shirt and looks pretty badass. I also made a silly "sneetch" shirt with a green Dr. Seussian star on the belly of a yellow tee.)

2. designed iron-on transfers on the computer (I wanted a Mighty Mouse shirt

Other than that, cruise eBay for Olian and Japanese Weekend stuff, and hope for a bargain.
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Thanks! I didn't know about H&M having mat clothes. We have one of those over in DC, so I'll go check it out soon. YAY!

Joelle is good. I bought a cool halter top from then for $15. Gap is hit or miss. Motherhood is too bright for my taste; those colors look bad on me.
I liked a lot of the stuff I found on Their prices are high, but they do have items on sale at times. Right now their sale stuff is still pricey. I usually check in once in a while to peruse the sale stuff.
Good luck!!!

I wanted to report in that I found a cool halter at Gap -- ming jade -- and also just bought a Japanese Weekend shirt from ebay.


hh, when you go to H&M, check out the pants with the all-the-way-around stretchy cotton panel. I'm not an over-the-belly fan normally, but I now have 3 pairs of pants with this waistband and they are beyond comfy--I keep saying I'm going to find something like them for normal wear post pregnancy. Plus, they stay put and don't bind in any way, and they don't itch. I also found a knee-length skirt in a funky pattern that doesn't have a typical preggers waistband at all but fits perfectly--it's form-fitting without being tight. Love it!
LOL, I was about to come on this thread and post about H&M, I just went today and found some REALLY cute maternity AND non-maternity stuff for the rest of my pregnancy.

I got two shorts and a pair of capri's in the over the belly style that nabigus was talking about. Their over the belly pants are awesome, b/c they go all the way over the belly and the panel is soft and stretchy instead of being elasticised. It's also 2 layers of material, so there are no seams to itch our growing bellies. I haven't worn them out yet, but I can tell the difference already from wearing them in the dressing room.
Kailia, you're a temptress.
The last time I went to H&M they didn't have shorts in yet--after reading your post I rescheduled a meeting I had tomorrow morning so I can run to H&M and get a pair.
: They are so superior to any other waistband I've tried (and I'm hoping they'll work for post-preggers, since I'll no doubt have a jelly belly for a while).
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ooh, gotta get to h&m now - there is one right by me at tysons! hope they have mama stuff there....
Carrie--Where is the H&M at Tysons? I didn't know they had one and that might be a bit easier to reach than DC.

I have been living in a few skirts I got at Target - but not in the maternity section - in the juniors (or whatever they call it) section they have a bunch of flowy peasant skirts with a big stretchy panel waist all the way around (I guess the teens fold it down and wear it on the hips) - they are so comfortable and great and cheap! Plus most of their tank tops are the empire waist stratchy kind that works great for us preggos too!
hh- i checked the h&m website and it looks like the tysons store doesn't sell mama stuff. there is also a store at dulles town center, but no mama stuff their either. bummer, b/c i only go into the city one day a wk to work and would rather shop in the burbs too. oh well!
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