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Oak Meadow is very supportive of families using secondhand curriculum. We recognize that this eco-friendly practice can make homeschooling with Oak Meadow possible for those who cannot afford new materials or who wish to reuse.

Mothering's Trading Post has been a helpful resource for many parents since Mothering created it years ago. The Homeschooling subforum is a great place to connect with others to buy, sell, and trade used curriculum.

If you don't find what you're looking for there, we sell seconds and returns at a discount through the Oak Meadow eBay store -- you can find an especially good selection after our end-of-year inventory, but we post items throughout the year whenever they are available.

This Yahoo list is also a good resource for buying and selling used OM curriculum.

If you're able to find some of the books you need from other sources and want to order any missing books from us, we will do our best to make that as easy as we can. You can find all of our current curriculum in the Oak Meadow bookstore.

When you're done with this year's curriculum, we hope you'll consider selling or passing it on to another family so they can have the benefit of homeschooling with Oak Meadow as well!
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