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Sorry if this is an old topic... I just don't understand the search thing. (Anyone care to explain that to me? Do you email a moderator and then you can search, or...?)

Back on topic, those of you who have knitted your own wool soakers, where did you find patterns? I have some patterns in some old knitting guides of my mother's, but they look more decorative than functional... very loose at the legs, no binding/cuffs/whatever you'd call it... (Which I find very weird, as these are books from the early 70s, when I would assume sposies were not yet in vogue, given that I was born in 77 and I was cloth diapered...)

ANYWAY if anyone can point me to some patterns for these, in knit or crochet... crochet would be great, it goes so much quicker...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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