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Where can I find Burley Knit Terry?

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I am trying to find some and haven't had any luck so far. Does anyone use this still, or is that a stupid question?
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I just bought some from a couple of weeks ago. I love BKT for soakers, a lot more than hemp.

I posted this link in the other post too, but just in case you don't look there.
She has it in stock for $7/yrd, I think. I know this mama IRL, she's really nice and great to work with!
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I have 2.89 yds of BKT that I have been trying to get rid of. I would be glad to sell it to you for $6.50/yd plus actual shipping. Its just sitting in my closet waiting for a new home.
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thanks everyone! I am now just trying to decide if I want to get some. I have heard pro and con about using it as the internal soaker...any opinions on the matter?
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I buy mine at
I have found it to be very absorbent and durable. I use it inside most of my diapers. Only problem is that I go through a LOT of rotary cutter blades with it.
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