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Where can I find calgon? Does your wally world still have it?

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Last two (special just for diapering detergent) trips to wally world there is no calgon, not even a shelf tag. Help!

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My wally world no longer carries it
But I did find it at Drug Emporium and Albertsons.
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Mine has it, both powder and liquid.
The UPC for the powder is: 0 51700 20400 7
Call and ask to talk to the service desk, have them type in the UPC and see if it comes up. You can do the same at Target, Shopko, etc. I use this trick all the time.

(former retail queen)
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I found it at Jewel (Grocery store) and I think their parent company is Albertson's.
Thank you everyone! I'll try kmart. Our target definitely does not have it, but that code helps - thank you! Our Albertsons definitely does not have it, but they say they special order.
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