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Where can I find...

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I am trying to switch to fitteds and wool from Fuzzi Bunz but am having a very hard time finding fitteds (and wool) that fits my daughter. She seems to be right inbetween mediums and larges (20 lbs.) - the mediums don't fit well in the rise and don't leave room to grown and the larges are just a bit too big. The only fitteds that fit her well are her medium long very baby simply nights. So, I'm thinking of getting a one-size fitted for daytime use.

Where can I find a one-size, trim, snapping, non-hemp, quick-dry, fleece topped (that's optional), absorbant for a heavy wetter, affordable, and available fitted? Does this exist?

And, for the wool, I have a large stacinator day/night and a loveybums interlock, both in larges. They both work but both are bulky and a bit too big. I'm thinking of getting a jersey loveybums in medium but am afraid that it will be too small, especially in the rise. Any other stretch wool covers that might work for her?

Also, where can I find fleece topped non-hemp doublers?

Thanks mamas!
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Try and do the custom 1 size. I bet that would work best for her.I know i have some that were custom and have OC.
The jersey and crepe Loveybums don't run nearly as big as the interlock, so I bet your dd would be fine with a large jersey.;-)

I have this same problem! My baby is 18 pounds and I am wanting more fitteds. I want wool too but that is another story at this point. Fitteds first....Gotta get DH warmed up for the spend for wool..
Anywhooo. I have been making her some fitteds but would like to order some too. So I'll be checking back!
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Originally Posted by B-baby80
Try and do the custom 1 size. I bet that would work best for her.I know i have some that were custom and have OC.
I second that, I really like our muttaquin one-size fitteds.
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Thanks! I'll look at the muttaquin. Also, thanks for the note about the jersey loveybums not running as big as the interlock. As soon as she has a large pink jersey in stock, I'm buying!
For fleece topped non-hemp doublers, I love my MOE stay dry doublers. I originally got two as a freebie when I bought a used dipe from another mama, but have since aquired five more. I use them in pfs at night and any other time I need her to be dry, but a little more absorption.

They have one layer of nice fleece (still looks good) on top and I believe two layers of micrfiber that do the job for me. I've gotten all of them used, but I want to say that I have seen them on Happy Heiny's site and some of the larger stores. Just wanted to chime in on that.
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