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where can I get grass-fed eggs in Colorado?

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I don't know if this is the right place to post this...anyone know of a place to get grass-fed chicken eggs in Colorado Springs or Denver (or have any suggestions as to where I could look to try to find some)?
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To the best of my knowledge, they don't exist. I have had chickens for years. They need grain, bugs, etc, not just grass and they don't eat hay.
I guess I mean eggs that actually have the orangish yolk--I know not everyone who has their own chickens has eggs with the orange yolk.
Yolk color varies from chicken to chicken.

My grocery store carries free-range, organic eggs. Depending on your city ordinances, you may be able to raise your own. I was surprised to learn that my city (the capitol & largest city in the state) allows up to 25 chickens on lots less than 1 acre!
chickens don't eat grass...but chickens raised truely free range (meaning free to roam out on grass) eat bugs (which helps get the orange yolk). "free range" on even organic farms techinically means 1 square foot per bird (this can be in a barn-NOT outside at all)... so to find some good ol orange-yolk eggs...find someone near you with birds that get to roam around or like UlrikeDG said, you can try and raise your own (if possible)...
did you try asking this question in your Find Your Tribe Forum?
uhh... my chickens eat grass. Actually they eat all kinds of greens, including the ones I dont want them to.
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hmm...well i've only had chickens for about 4 years...i haven't seen them eat grass. i should say, though, that they do like our leftover greens-- lettuce, kale, etc. but i have yet to see them eat grass...
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