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Where can I get newborn shirts w/o snaps?

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Any suggestions on where to find baby-sized shirts that don't have crotch snaps? I like putting my dd in a fitted w/o a cover or in longies, but I'm having trouble finding shirts that will work. Thanks!
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gerber and child of mine sell undershirts (pull on, but I've only found short sleeves) and I dye them (but I love a white shirt) and that's all I've found (at walmart) and the only other l/s shirt I have came with an outfit from old navy. Also 2 piece pajamas come in 3-6m at old navy and I use the tops for hanging around with different pants. Hope that helps.. Too hard to find.. maybe a good reason for that.

If I did the coverless thing I usually just left her onesie unsnapped, this was when she was too little to get tangled in it though
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I found long-sleeve shirts at Target - can't remember the brand but they come in 2-packs, prints and colors .. Carter's maybe.
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