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Where can I get the best deal on PF's (shipping to Canada)???

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If you are wanting the prefolds with the coloured stitching at the ends I am afraid there are no online retailers in Canada right now <sniff>. There are a couple of Canadian retailers who carry the other sort (same fabric I think but the stitching is white). Two that I can think of offhand are The Extraordinary Baby Shoppe and Soulmother.

If you don't mind used I bet you could scare some up by posting to the Canadian Diapering yahoogroup [email protected] to see if someone has some to sell off.

Prefolds are one of those things that if you can get them in country you are way better off just because they are so darned heavy that they cost a fortune to ship (ask me how I know
). If you can't find anything in country though you could get some from ebay (username: granitesmith) or you could buy from an online store ( has packages).

Hopefully that will help with your hunt. Pretty much every online retailer in the states is going to charge you actual shipping though...otherwise they would lose HUGE on the deal.

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I got mine from Valor Kids, the shipping wasn't TOO bad, the thing about prefolds is they are darn heavy. And the problem with canada is that Canada post is rediculous. It costs me more to ship something to Toronto than to Texas.

Honestly it's cheaper to ship them in from the states sometimes but it takes a long time sometimes (with customs ect.) so if you are getting them from an american shop you had better hurry up and get your diapers or baby might get here first!

Kathleen (from Valor Kids) is a great Canadian WAHM, and the prefolds are nice (I got unbleached)

Other than that Bareware is located in canada, and Jamtots and the Extraordinary Baby Shoppe.. I wish I had links for you. I'm sure theres a few I forgot!

Some stores offer deals for MDC moms.

My mom bought the prefolds for my diaper cake from A Mothers Touch, and she highly recommends them.

Good luck.
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If you don't mind ordering from the states, Bum Wrap Diapers is great ... super fast shipping (I've ordered a few times from her) and right now she has a coupon deal for MDC mamas (code MDC and you save 10%) - check her ad on the front page of the diapering forum. Happy shopping!
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I don't think Valor-Kids carries them anymore. I have ordered from and she has free shipping. I asked her if she wanted me to pay extra for shipping and she said no, that it does'nt cost her much more to send them up here then in the States. I got them in about two weeks.
Born to love has prefolds... they are the regular ones with light blue stitching and infant ones with white stitching. I have had my regulars for 2 years and they are still going strong! She has flat rate shipping I think... around six bucks?

I bought my prefolds from Ebay store called Granitesmith. She makes the best indian cotton bleached or unbleached prefolds, and the price is not to bad including shipping. Love them so much.
You can get prefolds at:

All are Canadian. Jamtots and Extraordinary Baby Shoppe are both awesome to deal with. Born to love was slow, but very pleasant, and the website is just FULL of information about cloth diapering.

Thanks everyone for the replies. I do know that valor-kids, and bareware do not carry PF's any more. I had a gift certificate for bareware, and ended up getting it refunded because they didn't have any kissaluvs, or PF's, as I thought they did.

*sigh* I'm totally gonna check out the indian PF's, I love them. I have some regular sized already, but could get some infant sized ones, too.
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