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Where can I recycle CD's?

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As in compact discs? (not cloth diapers
) I tried calling my local Best Buy because I'd heard that they take them but they don't...anywhere else I should check? Thanks!
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Don't know if you are crafty, but you can google crafts with CD's and come up with some cute stuff. I made adorable snowman ornaments our of CD's and jar lids. I've seen several diff. crafts with CD's. Other than that, I'm not sure.
thanks for the suggestion! i've put aside the pretty ones that i can see myself crafting with...but I still have about 200 that I need to recycle...and some have personal info on them so they need to be destroyed rather than repurposed...kwim?
I've never come across anywhere that can recycle CDs, I didn't think they were recyclable.

Other uses I've seen
Hang them in the garden to scare birds.
Use them as coffee mats
Broken up (either put in a cloth and hit with a hammer or cut with string scissors) they make pretty mirror mosaic tiles.

A friend of mine has made some pretty mobiles by cutting CDs into strips, then heating them and twisting. I wouldn't want to do this indoors due to the fumes and also some CDs burn rather than melt.
I send mine to my child's school. They have a recycling room for the the teachers to use for crafts for the kids.
The school, local boy scout and girl scouts and the Parents as teachers aids use the stuff from that room.

Outside of that crafts.
I have seen some neat clocks made out of them. I have also seen people string them up for a hanging room divider.
Look what I found?! It's so cute and so easy. I can't wait to make some!

I can even see making some as goody bag gifts for my kids birthday parties! I would in a heartbeat.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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