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Where could I get velour lined AIO's?

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instead of the microfleece? I don't really like microfleece that much, as it starts looking gross in no time (and not really very soft, either)

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There has to be somewahm
out there who uses OV in their AIO's...
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Lucy's Hope Chest will do them. And I think she got some OV.

But she does warn that velour lined AIO's can wick. I have one though and they're delicious, but yes it does wick a little.
Daisy Doodles. You can get on her custom list and have dipes pretty fast.

I am concerned about velour lines AIOs wicking. With DD's I'm pretty sure you can get the soaker in OV and then do the lining in the AIO with suedecloth or micro that really doesn't touch the baby's sensitive areas.
Just wanted to point out that all my AIOs are lined in cotton (OV) and none of them wick.
They are absorbent enough, with a hidden layer of hemp in the body, then a layer of OV, and on the soaker pad hemp layers and OV layers.... so since my son isn't a mega-heavy-wetter, it's plenty absorbent and that's probably why it wouldn't ever wick (solid PUL outer). If the thing was totally saturated and I left it on him too long, I guess it could wick.
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Bottombumpers as OV lined aio's and I'm getting an OV lined Very Baby from Rocking horse babies.
I can't find any other than at Bunnypatch and Valor Kids. Please, if anyone knows which WAHMS have Sesame Street prints, spam me. It makes changing a whole lot easier thses days. Thanks.
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