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Where do I get some.....

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Diaper velcro and snaps? I want to make my prefolds into fitteds......not sure if I will velcro or snap yet. Snaps would be harder for him to open as he accidentally figured out opening velcro yesterday!! (he didn't even realize it I don't think cause I happened to be right there and fasten it back up before he even realized what he did!)
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You'll want Aplix or Touchtape - they are "like" velcro, but if you're searching for Velcro at diaper fabric stores you won't find it
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Originally Posted by jaye_p

So if I order the amount they have for $2.40 for both parts (hook and loop), how much is that? Enough for one dipe? Several? A big roll of each side? And how do I attach it to the diaper?

You only need about 15 inches (less if you're making smalls) of loop for the front panel and fold back laundry tabs and 4 inches for the hook tabs on the side.

Once you figure out how many diapers you're making you can order in yards or fractions of a yard to get how much you need.

I sew it onto the diaper with a zig zag stitch though a straight stitch will work too.
I'm not seeing how to order yards of the Aplix. I sent an email before I realized I was talking to you right here!
Okay go here:

Select the width & side (hook or loop) you want from the drop down box (1 inch, 1.5", or 2") 1 inch is typically used on newborn and small dipes, 1.5" on mediums and larges, and 2" on larges and extra larges.

Then in the QUANTITY box above type in how many yards of it you want. Then click the Buy Now button. Go back to that same page and order the yardage you want for the other side.

Typically the ratio is about 3:1 - for every 1 yard of hook you buy you'll want 3 yards of loop.

You mentioned in your email you're making 12 diapers? What size are they?
The one fitted he's got is a medium
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OK so I figured it out, I'd need about 1.5 yards of hook and 5 yards of loop, but it won't let me order 1.5 yards!! What do I do?
Oh pooh, that stupid cart is barfing on decimals. I'm working my tail off on a new cart it's almost done! Email me and I'll see if I can process the order with the half yard.
OK I am emailing right now, it is 12:30 Central.
I got my Aplix, either Thursday or Friday actually! Thank you!
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