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Where do you keep your mama cloth?

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Have a few questions about mama cloth. Where do you keep it while it is waiting to be washed. Do you actually keep it with water or dry? Also any tips on laudering to get rid of any stains? I am loving it but I am trying to get the logistics right so I can love it even more!
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I have an old plastic pitcher with a lid and I just toss it into there. Sometimes if I'm abitious I'll rinse them out, but usually not. I'm not too concerned about staining.
I don't care much about staining, but my mama cloth is very old and has stains from when I didn't have a good system worked out already.

I basically rinse the cloths immediately in cold water (maybe with a little Dr Bs), then throw them in the washing machine and wash them with the next load.

When I'm using them (as right now) for discharge instead of blood (pregnancy = lots of discharge) I just toss them in my laundry pile.

I mostly use(d) my Diva cup for the last couple of months before I got pregnant, tho. I only used mama cloth on the really light days.
If you're concerned about staining, get a big cheap bottle of hydrogen peroxide and pour it over the stain while it's fresh. That works wonders. I bought organic unbleached gladrags & was really concerned about keeping them looking new for the first few months.

I'm only using mine as back-up for the diva, so they don't get a lot of use.

But nowadays I throw mine in the diaper bucket. Before I felt comfortable w/washing diapers & cloth together, I let mine soak in a big yogurt tub of water & vinegar until I was ready to wash darks, then I would rinse them really good & throw them in the wash.
I fill my washer about 1/4 way with cold water, then toss em in. I end up doing laundry every other day or so, so I just do a mini rinse with them, then wash them with the regular laundry (and don't tell DH, lol). I'll do the same with my diapers, but just do a whole regular load with just the diapers, and if applicable, pads. Don't really want to do diapers with my regular laundry, I don't think. Oh, this is super easy for me because my washer is in the bathroom, so I guess where your washer is could make a difference. Before I kept them in an old wipes container, but they were kinda stinky and I didn't like it. They don't seem to stain unless I for whatever reason don't soak them
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I just rinse the dirty one out and then let it dry on the side of the bathtub. When dry, I throw it into the hamper. Easy schmeazy. They get washed when I do laundry on Mondays.
In the diaper pail with Sara's dirty diapers until wash day.
I have a small step trashcan with a flip top lid. The can is silver metal and has a removable plastic bucket on the inside. Its made by Simple Human.
I throw it in the bucket with the cloth TP. I don't rinse them and they are not stained either.
I throw it directly into the washer with the diapers (soaking in cold water until I get a load, spin out and wash as usual).
I rinse in cold water and store in a plastic bin with a lid in cold water and a drop of tea tree.
If stains will bother me I'll run peroxide over 'em in the sink then fold 'em up and throw them with the dirty diapers. If no one is in diapers (in between dd#1 and dd#2) I kept a little basket under my bathroom sink for them.
I rinse mine then throw them in the diaper pail. Before this little one was born, I'd just throw them in the hamper. I don't worry too much about stains, they don't bother me (no one sees them...)
I haven't gotten to use mine yet (darn long cycles!) but I plan on soaking them in a small bucket (wipes container) with cold water and peroxide and washing them by themselves because I don't have kids so no dipes, and my mother and sister will flip if I wash them with our clothes

I have been using the pantiliners though, and just throwing them in the wash without pre-soaking gets them clean!!
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