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<p>I live in a little town in NE Pennsylvania, right where NY, NJ, and PA meet.  It is a safe, quaint place to live, but I feel like it doesn't have much to offer us.....some examples:</p>
<p> </p>
<p>The only homeschool groups around are religeous and we are not.</p>
<p>There is no YMCA or Boys & Girls club</p>
<p>The closest college for me requires a 30 minute drive.</p>
<p>It is a very family oriented town which is nice, but that means few single moms for friendship and few single dads for dating prospects.</p>
<p>The housing is very expensive and the job market is nil</p>
<p>There is no health food store. </p>
<p>Very little AP parenting happens</p>
<p>There are no museums or activities for kids</p>
<p> </p>
<p>I would love to move one day and  thought it would be nice to hear where you all live and if you like it there.</p>
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