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Where have you nursed your older child in public?

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I nursed ds (3.5 yo) at the YMCA yesterday when he got a bloody nose. Where have you nursed lately?
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Just posted this on another thread...My friend and I breasfed our toddlers at the zoo last week! DD is 31 months and friends ds is 21 months.

We nurse all over the place. I forget that people may have issue with it. We nurse whereever except when I am with my extended family.
They are the only ones in my life that have issue with it.

The most exciting place lately though was at the trailhead on a back country trip we did a couple of weeks ago. There were lots of European tourists around..smiling and nodding. It felt great!
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on the floor in the housewares aisle at kmart
on a bench on a busy street with lots of pedestrians
in the waiting area at Real Birth, right after the playgroup ended

there should be more! I guess he waits till we get home more often now...
I ALWAYS forget that people have problems with it. Today at the park while I watched my son's sports class, his 24 month old brother (his birthday was today!!!) nursed on the grass in front of all the soccer moms and dads. I got a ton of stares and for a few minutes couldn't figure out why. LOL!

Where else have I nursed? LOL! A better question: Where haven't I nursed as DS nurses ALL the time.
At a college graduation last month--it was hot, he was getting tired and cranky, it was the thing to do!
Well, my ds is only 19 months so I'm not sure this is a big deal to most of you but I recently nursed my ds on a crowded airplane on a 5 hour flight. I couldn't really be discreet with people sitting on either side of me and ds is not exactly a little guy anymore! It was a big deal to me because I never thought I would be nursing ds at this age in the first place and I surprised myself by not being at all embarrassed and not caring if I got any looks
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We nursed at the library yesterday!

If he really needs to, I'll let him nurse about anywhere.
I nurse my kids anywhere. My nurslings are now almost-4 years old and almost 2 years old (her birthday is on Friday!!!). I nurse them both in church, at the store, on the floor, on a train, in the rain...I will nurse them here or there...I will nurse them anywhere... Ok, I'm getting a little of track :LOL but you get my point!
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Well My son is only 15 months but I too have to chime in! He usually loosed interest when we are home but he ALWAYS wants to nurse when we are out and about. Our most recent was at the Party Store (where you buy balloons and stuff) in the NEMO eisle. We live in a VERY unfriendly to breastfeeding town, so it is always trying and we always get dirty looks. But it makes my little string bean soo could I resist??

BTW This is my new favorite smiley!!!!
That is so my son!
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