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where is the best place to buy chinese prefolds?

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my wonderful prefolds, some of which i've been using since my first baby (he's now *gasp* 13) are really getting seedy and shot. i need to replace them, but i've got no idea where to look for them. i actually bought these when biobottoms was selling them -- i guess that dates me as a cd mom.

i don't really know much about the "newer" prefolds. i only have the cpf, and one that is no longer made, an amazing babymoon. i want something of good enough quality that i can dye it, just to have something sort of fun and pretty. any help for me? looking for cheap and good quality, lol.
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I really like She has the best prices I have found and flat rate shipping which is a huge bonus with CPFs.
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I bought mine here quick shipping, loving the prefolds.
I highly recommend

FAST shipping. Items in stock. Wonderful customer service and a discount for MDC mamas!
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I like, she has free shipping on CPFs at a good price, ships fast and was quick to answer my emails too.
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