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Where to buy Calgon?

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My diapers stink really bad. Our water is hard and I thought that I would try Calgon but I can't find it anywhere.

Any ideas on where to find it???

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Wal-mart....if they do not have it on the shelf, ask if they can order it. Wal-mart here carries it, so I know they have access to it. But, they may have to order it by the case. If so, they may not be willing. But, speak with someone in management. DH is a wal-mart manager and I know you will not get much help from anyone else.
Is it near the other laundry detergents?? Or on another aisle??

I've only found it at wal-mart. >
It's the only reason I have to go there, so let me know if you find it elsewhere.
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I found it at my local safeway grocery store - on the laundry aisle, near the biz and other stuff like that. It is the powder kind.
I got mine at the grocery market (Safeway).

I was just going to ask this myself, I combed the aisles at Target and couldn't find it. On my way there I said to myself "Wonder if I should go to Wal-Mart?" Guess I should've listened!
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