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Where to buy raw nuts in bulk?

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I am wanting to start incorporating more raw foods into my everyday diet, eventually hoping we can be a healthy raw foodist family. I have been reading a lot of raw food recipes, and it seems that huge amounts of raw nuts, raw grains, and dried fruits are called for. Where can I purchase these items at more reasonable prices? And, about how much per lb. should I expect to pay?
Another math question
, but...for any raw foodist families out there: For a family of four, what would be a reasonable amount of money to budget for food every month providing we can get the best deals possible on bulk nuts, grains and vegetables?
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Your local coop or natural foods stores should have the best prices, especially when on sale. The only cheaper option is to look for a buying club in your area. Also, through a coop food store, you can usually get a bulk discount if you make a special order (you'd have to ask someone who works there for details)

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Oh, I saw you are in Arizona! You would be zoned for Shopnatural Coop (used to be Tuscon Cooperative Warehouse). Google them (tho, I think it's, not positive). That's who we were zoned for when we were in Durango, CO. They are a great warehouse, and their buying clubs are really easy, they also have an 800 number that usually someone will pick up (don't leave a message though, they rarely return calls), and they can let you know what buying clubs are in your town. Or if you live in Tuscon, you can just go right to the warehouse, I believe - i think you still have to make an order first, though.
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