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Where to buy???

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Where can I buy used curriculum?

Does anyone have a favorite site for buying and selling?

I have a HUGE ISO list... and would love to buy as much as possible used, especially until we get the 'hang' of things, and decide on what we like.
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Check with a local homeschool group. The homeschool group north of here is having a HUGE used curriculum sale tonight. They do it three times a year. It's a chance to speak directly to the people who have used it (and often times their kids too) and get a good one on one feedback.

Online ? I'd have no idea where to look. Vegsource ?
lurk on ebay and watch listings to see what things go for before jumping in

try vegsource trade boards

I belong to a couple yahoo groups to swap/sell pm me if you want the links

Definitely check with your local homeschool group. In our group, there is usually someone selling or swapping for something else. Also check out your local homeschool curriculum store (if you have one - or else try online) Sometimes they will be selling off discontinued books for great prices.
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I've bought from eBay and vegsource before. I think there's a new homeschool auction site starting -, but I've never used it.
Or go to google, type in the name of one of what you're looking for in quotes plus the word "used".
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The sale and swap board at
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