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where to find info on non-cloth wipes and dipes?

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I need help! I care for a 1yr old two days a week, and the mom came to me yesterday asking about cloth wipes...she had just heard regular store bought wipes may harm her baby. I would love to show her some links and/or print out some info on how the solution in regular store bought wipes can be harmful and also info on disposable diapers. Do you have any good resources of solid info?
BTW I showed her all the cute soft fluffy cloth wipes I had, and by her reaction I may had a "switcher on the verge" here......she has seen my dd in cloth for 4 months now. I told her I would use cloth wipes on her dd while she is in my care, no problem, but she wants more info first and is off to by the tushies brand from the whole foods store,
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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