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Where to get a Totsbots Bamboozle in the US?

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Help? Anyone know?
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There's a seller on Ebay, Rumplebums, seller id Tangobiscuit, who sells regular terry Totsbots...maybe you could contact her? She's in the UK but will ship worldwide.
I dn't like ebay, but thanks.

if I can't find them, I'll just buy from totsbots in Scotland - they ship internationally.
I would not recommend buying straight from Totsbots. They charge SO much shipping it is ridiculous.
I know you dont like ebay but ebay trader mrflipmode ships them internationally at reasonable costs.

You can also try one of the UK retailers. They are happy to ship abroad and I think they charge actual shippingrates.
I have used Kittykins they have great costumer service.
Or try Twinkle on the Web I have shopped with them many times and though shipping tends to be slower than Kittikins then it also is a bit cheaper and service is friendly.

Hope you will like it as much as I do
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Thank you Inca - I'll go and check them out now.
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