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DD has the Melissa and Doug Fold-n-Go dollhouse, which came with a family of wood and rope dolls. Target carries family sets (5 or 6 to a box) that are the exact same doll - but they are just a little bigger. They are too big for DD's dollhouse, but it is a really small one. the family is expensive - $19.99. I actually found the right sized dolls (wood and rope) for DD's house in a department store (actually, 3 different department stores) here in China for under $5 in a family of 5, including a tiny baby and backpacks for the children. And the fabric for the clothes is the EXACT same as the Melissa and Doug dolls - so obviously they come from the same factory.

My DD got the Melissa and Doug ones at 23 months, and she likes them - they are small, but bendable, and she likes carrying them in sets of 2-3. Although they aren't like "babies" to her.
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