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Where to get longies patterns(x-posted)

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Can someone point me in the right direction on where to get patterns for longies, shorties, and soakers..

I also need to know where to get good yarn..

Thanks for your help Mamas!!!!
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crochet: i recommend ladybugz longies morning glory pattern which can be made into shorts capris or pants with a little adjusting. you should have my email I can answer other questions. it is worth the 12 bucks because they are SOOO easy and fun to make.

knitting: there are lots of free ones out there. someone else whould know. I belong to a wool soaker yahoo group where they mention free patterns they like ALL THE TIME. i prefer crochet

100purewool is pretty cheap and supposed to be the softest ever 100% wool and she has an ebay store or she is at i think . i just ordered mine.

I also like the nice and thick wool/mohair blend at peace fleece, but the colors on 100purewool are breathtaking

you can make really nice soakers with paton's merino soft but sometimes a little pilly over time from michaels or joanns for about five bucks a skein.....

hope that helps!
See less See more has a great longies pattern and sells WONDERFUL wool. Her farm yarn hardly pills at all and is so. incredibly. soft. I want to knit myself a sweater out of it.

The softer the yarn the more pills you get. I like the 100% pure wool but I found thin for heavy wetters and pretty pilly. I prefer a thicker/sturdier wool- my kids climb, run amd play in their wool and it needs to hold up to that.
Thanks Mamas..

As I don't know anything about this...

How much yarn is needed for one project...
depends on the size. For anything over medium pants I get 8 oz.of yarn. Smaller them medium pants you should be able to get away with 4 oz.
I'm going to move this to yarn crafts, the knitting mamas hang out there.
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