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Where to get organic chick feed?

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And should it be medicated?
We got 5 chicks on Saturday, and are getting a few more tomorrow. They came with a free bag of medicated starter, but I'd like to get some good stuff if I can.
I will check out the feed store when I pick up the others tomorrow, but is there a good, known place for getting organic feed? And are there any brands that are better or worse than others?

I am so excited that we're finally doing this! I have been wanting chickens for many, many years
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You can call aorund to your local feed stores- some of them carry organic and some don't. The price for organic feed is very high, so I always buy regular unmedicated starter and layer pellets because of cost.
Most places will order it for you if they dont carry it. We have two feed stores near us; one place always has it in stock, and the other place will only special order it. The price is the same. Organic feed is nearly twice the price of non.

You can also order non soy organic feed on line at Country Naturals. That's way pricey, and you have to pay for the shipping. I buy this for the meat chickens.

If you are going to free range or pasture them, start throwing untreated greens in there to get them used to foraging. Yesterday I went around my yard diggging up clumps of grasses and tossing them in the adult pen. It's fun to watch them go for the worms. I've also been amending the soil in my raised beds and whatever grubs or such I find get tossed at the girls and they give chase. You'll have a lot of fun with your
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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