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Where to get pocket diapers?

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Where can I get some good priced but good quality pocket diapers? Interested in used as well, they are cheaper
which is a definite plus. My daughter is 15 pounds, and I am just now trying to convert over to cloth diapers. Better late than never! Thanks
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I love pockets. They fit my daughter so well and we've never had a leak and they are pretty cheap as pockets go.

Lots of work-at-home-mom retailers sell BumGenius (one-size and leak-proof, very economical IMO), Happy Heinys, Swaddlebees, and Fuzzibunz. My fave is, which offers free, fast shipping on all orders and stellar customer service, including lots of helpful advice and quick responses to questions.
We just started CDing as well. I purchased some Fuzzi Bunz and Swaddlebees from Amy at She has free shipping for purchases over $50 and 10% off using the code mothering. My FBs came with great micro-inserts for free. She was great to work with. In addition, most major brands of CDs have great resale value.

There are several diaper swapping forums as well. PM me for more information. I hope this helps!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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