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where to get postcards printed?

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Does anyone have a good recommendation for this? I want to get, say, 20 or so printed (all the same). The online sources I've looked at are either runs of 500 that cost over a hundred bucks, or else you can get a set of 8 from CafePress for only $6. I was just wondering if the best value is to buy several packs of 8, or if there is any other vendor of small runs. Also curious about the quality of Cafe Press products. I know a lot of people use them but I've never seen anything in person.
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They are really easy to print up yourself with any printshop and a pack of blank postcards from office max, ect.. Especially if you only want a few. HTH
Have you checked with a local printer? Or maybe a copymax/kinkos.

I ordered some from Vista Print. I ordered business cards first, and after I ordered a pop-up window offered me a deal on postcards.
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