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Where to get TTO and washing soda?

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I am wondering where you guys get your tea tree oil and washing soda. I have only found very tiny bottles of TTO and it is really expensive. As for washing soda, I've never seen any. Advice/help appreciated!
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I've seen washing soda at my grocery store (albertsons I think). TTO I usually get at the local health food store
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I've seen washing soda at the grocery store and I think walmart. TTO most people get at a health foods store.
I get my tto on ebay. I haven't been able to find washing soda at my local grocery stores or walmart. doesn't even have it.
I'm using borax right now.
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TTO is expensive but since you only need about 2 drops per use it lasts a really long time.
I get my TTO at WalMart, on the same aisle as the vitamins & herbs.

You can call a toll free # to find out who in your area sells washing soda.

Phone #: 1-800-524-1328
UPC Code: 3320003020

As the others have said, I get TTO at a health foods store and have seen it online. I have seen the washing soda at the grocery store but have never used it. TTO is expensive but it really does last a long time. I bought a little bottle when ds was born and it still has a lot left in it and he is 4.5 months old.
i got my washing soda off i haven't actually gotten it yet though.

Thanks everyone i wanted to get tto for my diaper pail! i'll have to get some when i go to walmart next.
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