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What do you love about your state? Please share with me your special places and fun things to do. Or Idaho places, too.
We've mysteriously chosen Montana for our family road trip/camping vacation. We live in eastern WA, and would like to stay in the western part of Montana, I think. Two adults and a five year old boy. We'll have two weeks, starting Labor Day weekend.
The only thing we have in mind for sure is going to Crystal Park and the hot springs near there for one day.
Other than that, we're looking for inspiration!
And we're totally flexible- interesting hotels are cool, but we'll be camping mostly. The little one is obsessed with machines, so factory tours are always a hit, living history sites, antique machinery museums, or any little or big museums at all, really!
Where are the great cheap hot springs, pretty camp grounds, nice swimming holes, family hikes (5 miles or less)?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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