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heLLo everyone. i havent been on here in years but just wandered back today..

a bit about to a 5 y.o boy going into K midsummer, married 5 years (will be this yr) 3-5 nights a week and trying to figure out what to go back to school for..

dh and i have been going to counseling for about 2 months where i guess some personal things have started to come out and make more sense..but now i am unsure of where to go from here.

basically since having ds i have battled every kind of birth control to the point where i thought i couldnt take any bc i suddenly seemed so sensitive to all that i tried (with no issues b4 being prego-except depo, because its evil).usually mood wise. but sometimes headaches and weight gain.

which (i thought) lead to lack of sex drive bc i was adamant about not wanting any more kids, scared of getting prego again. it seems things have just gone downhill and changed continuously since ds' birth.

so now im wondering if it is a hormone imbalance, something that never fixed itself afterward or something that was brought on by pregnancy/birthing/nursing...

so where is the best place to start to figure out the problem? im not so much for pills so if its possible id rather skip that route..but im not sure i can explain it all well enough to a dr. to really get the attention i might need. would i start at a gyn? or a family practice? or some other specialist? ive also thought about chelation as an option but its a little overwhelming to navigate on your own...

i dont know if it started as an undiagnosed ppd which just kinda became this...

so i guess id like to hear suggestions and ideas? im thinking hormone testing? but someone told me that wouldnt be accurate bc youre levels are constantly changing..well of course they are but where else do you start?

TIA :)
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