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Just had my first kiddo, 7 months now, and since she's getting a very strong mind of her own I'm having to start thinking about discipline.

My parents were Ezzo all the way... but looking back, what I remember of spankings is only my desperate attempts to get out of them or get as many layers of underwear and pants on as possible before mom got into the bedroom. I don't remember anything I was supposed to have been punished for.

But the ones I do remember, and which I learned from, were "let the punishment fit the crime" things. Like when I threw a fit over cleaning the bathroom and did a shoddy job, my mom smeared peanut butter on the sink and informed me that if I couldn't do it right the first time I would have to do it over. oh, and of course, I could come out of the bathroom when it was clean.

So I'm looking at GD-- new concept to me. I can't afford a lot right now book-wise, and am fairly strapped for time until I graduate college in a month.

Where do I even start? Thanks!!
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