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I'm not really sure where to post this. My family may have to move for work, but we have quite a bit of say. We have to be in the Western half of the country. Texas to California or anywhere in between. I'm not sure if we have to stay in the southern half as well or not. That's just how they put it during the talk today.

So if you had the following values and had to choose somewher to go where would you go and why?

My Dh's co has to have an office there (Yeah I know you can't answer that without knowing who he works for. Just assume it needs to be a major metroplex)

I value temperate/moderate climates

Very AP/natural living oriented

Somewhat conservative

Reasonsable cost of living

Family friendly

Decent homebirth laws or birthing centers

Decent homeschool laws

Waldorf schools in the area.

So now...Where does my bubble exsist?

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Here's what I can tell you about Denver and Phoenix:

"I value temperate/moderate climates"
Denver - I HATE the climate here, but others don't. I think the summer feels like an oven (although we're having a break in the weather right now that feels pretty good). Winters are not that cold - we have the occasional blizzard, but the winters are pretty moderate with cold snaps. Fall and Spring are nice here. In the summer, at least it cools down in the evening. If you can handle the incredible dryness.
Phoenix - Basically has two temperatures - hot and less hot. Summers are outrageously hot. Winters are nice. BUT - if you like having seasons - Phoenix will get on your nerves.

"Very AP/natural living oriented"
Denver - You can definitely find that here. There are wonderful health food stores, two API groups, lots of LLL groups, a lot of natural living oriented stuff.
Phoenix - I don't think it's as good as Denver, but from what I remember several years back - you could definitely find what you were looking for. You might have to look a little harder.

"Somewhat conservative"
Denver - Yep
Phoenix - Yep again

"Reasonsable cost of living"
Denver - nope, cost of living sucks
Phoenix - much better than Denver

"Family friendly"
Denver - definitely - lots of family stuff to do here
Phoenix - I didn't have a family when I lived there, but I think it wasn't too bad.

"Decent homebirth laws or birthing centers"
Denver - Colorado is a great place to give birth. I'm getting ready for my second homebirth, and it's been great. Lots of midwives - friendly laws (especially when compared with other states). There is now one birth center in Denver that is (I believe) connected with Swedish Medical Center.
Phoenix - We checked out homebirth when we were in Arizona for a visit. The laws weren't bad, but not as good as Colorado. I do believe they have birth centers.

"Decent homeschool laws"
Denver - from what I know about them, they're pretty good.
Phoenix - I have no info on homeschool.

"Waldorf schools in the area."
Denver - I believe so.
Phoenix - I believe so.

Hope that info helps a little!

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This issue of Mother Earth News has an article on great places to live--some in the West. They may too small for what you need,(I seem to remember they were mid-sized), but may be close to a metro area. Grand Junction, CO was one I personally was interested in. Check it out, maybe. I think they have an online service, though you may need to subscribe first. I want to keep that issue, but I could copy the article if you're interested. PM with your addy if you'd like it.
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