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I'm not really sure where to post this. My family may have to move for work, but we have quite a bit of say. We have to be in the Western half of the country. Texas to California or anywhere in between. I'm not sure if we have to stay in the southern half as well or not. That's just how they put it during the talk today.

So if you had the following values and had to choose somewher to go where would you go and why?

My Dh's co has to have an office there (Yeah I know you can't answer that without knowing who he works for. Just assume it needs to be a major metroplex)

I value temperate/moderate climates

Very AP/natural living oriented

Somewhat conservative

Reasonsable cost of living

Family friendly

Decent homebirth laws or birthing centers

Decent homeschool laws

Waldorf schools in the area.

So now...Where does my bubble exsist?

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Oregen is AWESOME form what I hear, have all that but a temperate climate. I am looking forward to what responses you get! Sedona would be perfect I bet but I don't know if that is big enough of a city. I would love to live there, VERY crunchy all around! I am keeping an eye on what you get!

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I find Vancouver, BC to be a great place for AP/Homebirthin'/Crunchy Famlies
I know its a little further North than you were looking for but take the following into consideration:
-our medical covers the exspense of Midwives ( home or hospital )
-moderate climate
-Crunchy Family gatherings held locally
-North Vancouver has a Waldorf School
-Your $$ is worth more here, hence lower cost of living. ( well maybe not in central downtown where real estate is pretty high, but the suburbs are great )
-Many local school districts have government subsidized homeschool programs
-laws not so harsh about not vaccinating ( not sure if this is an issue for you )

Come check out Vancouvers Tribe
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