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where's a gal to live

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Here's the deal:
We are renting the house we live in, in North New Jersey [Rockaway township area....] the house is quite frankly, AWESOME. It's got the space we need, runs cheap in the summer because it says cool, and has wood and pellet stoves for winter, sits on 30 acres of land with two rentals in the back, has a pool and gardens with fruit bearing trees, and is lovely looks wise.

It's also expensive. With the rental properties and farm tax we could afford it with our teeth clenched, but I'd like to buy something CHEAP and live comfortably without worrying about money too much.

Here's where you gals come in. I haven't traveled too much in the US but I'm kind of keen on finding a home to purchase that meets the following:

Must be able to connect to high speed Internet [we work from home]
Must be within 30 mile drive to town or civilization
Must be cheap/affordable
Must have woods woods woods
Must have culture [no bible thumpers or racist ******** next door please]

Any ideas?
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Good question. I hear VA is a good state and has some good areas, but don't know from experience just hearsay.

Hope someone can help you. I usually see homestead real estate ads in Countryside magazine. I found a one:
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