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greetings all, I planted a few months ago, zuccini,pumpkin,okra and tomatos, from seeds(organic) and a clump of rosemary<br>
I experienced really bad cabbage worms which took over before I knew what hit me and before I had ordered the organic spray(forget the name) anyways, when I left for a week to TX I had no more pumpkins or zuccinis but<br>
my tomatos and okra have flourished, I have baby okras and the tomatos have been giving me sweet little yellow flowers for...maybe 4-6 weeks now?<br>
My question is; I thought the tomatos themselves would be growing now, I thought they came right after the flowers? buty I see NO TOMOTOS <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="greensad"><br>
The type of tomotos I planted were the Oregon something, big ones! and the little peace cherry ones from seeds of change,<br>
input anyone? Does it take a whole season before they fruit?<br>
thanks ahead of time for your answers.<br>
mary, in S Florida
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