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whew, we're back.

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It was a very interesting appointment. Linden was checked out by four different neurologists. Between them, they found his reflexes. None of them could get them all, but they each got some. When we first got there all the neurologists and their little resident guys came in. They said it was an interesting case and they wanted their students to see it. Now, this is one of those times where you want to ask them to define "interesting." Basically what they said is that he has good nerve conductivity, which is really good, but that he's just very immature. So they said he's still considered in the relm of normal, just kind of the outside area really close to the line. I guess it was just really interesting to them that he's three months old and so immature still, but has good tone and with the structural airway abnormalities, we were just a rare experience for the residents. So we got examined several times. So now we wait and see if he matures. If he does, we don't have to worry about anything. If he doesn't and starts missing milestones then we go back and they do more testing. So we're proceeding with the surgery as planned, and we'll see what happens after it. Then we wait and watch, and hope we mature. So it was good, I think. I just hope he matures fast so I don't have to worry about the blasted milestones.
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I'm glad they (plural!) found his reflexes. This sounds like a good visit and good news, overall. Yay.
Oy, I'm tired after reading that.
It is kinda good when you have a child with a rare disorder or whatever to be examined by residents and more than one pair of eyes, kwim? But oy vey...that must've been a looooooooooooong visit.

When is surgery scheduled? Glad they found all his relfexes, that's GREAT news.
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I am sorry you had so much worry. I am glad it turned out to be okay though.

I have had residents claim that my dd has absolutely no reflexes and the doctor have to come and show him the ones she does. She is missing some but not all of them.
The panic when they can't find them at all is aweful, especially when they know from her chart that some should be there. They can be very very ellusive.

I am glad his tone is good though! That is a very good sign!! I don't think I have ever heard a neurologist say that before.
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yes, it was a very long visit!! but if that's what it takes thats fine. surgery is on the 27th of this month, so three weeks. I'm ready to get it over with.
I'm glad everything went well. I hope he hits all of his milestones and on time!

I completely relate to being the star attraction for all of the residence. From week 25 on I had a resident in every office visit. They all needed to see a baby with Spina Bifida in utero. Of course, I had the option of saying no but I wanted them to learn what they could from our situation. Even during my C-Section there were residents and now that I think about it... residents were brought to the NICU to see dd. Talk about feeling like a freek show. But as I said before, I wanted them to learn what they needed to from us.
What good news! I'm glad to see this!
So glad they found his reflexes! I hope his nervous system matures and you can stop worrying.
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