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Which carseat would you use?

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Hi Everyone. We're going on a trip (at least 7 hours in the car) starting Friday. We're planning on breaking up the travel time so that way dd doesn't have to be in her seat so long. To make a long story short, dd *hates* her carseat and screams while she's in it. We thought that it might be the carseat, so we went ahead and bought the one we were going to get when she outgrew the infant carrier. She hates it too, so now I don't know which one to use on the trip. Is the infant carrier safer? She fits well in the big one, and it seems more comfy. Any thoughts?
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When my first DD was born, we had a eddie bauer carrier. I thought it was the best, and that Layla just hated the car. However, she was about 4 months old when we installed the britax marathon, rear facing. She slept for over 4 hours. It was a lot more cushy and comftorable. I would ditch the carrier for a long trip, and opt for the more comfy seat. My parents live 6 hours away, and we've already went twice to see them with new DD, Maggie. She's only 8 weeks old. We're going to switch from carrier to britax roundabout for next trip.
either is fine as long as she fits well in both. use whichever you think will work best for the trip.
I'll probably go w/ the britax then. There's always a chance, she'll fall asleep in the cushiness of it. The only downside about it is I can't reach around to touch her as easily in it. We'll put her in the middle though, so ds can at least hold her hand.
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I sling DS ( 3 1/2 months) most of the time we are out and about. But there are times during our last trip when I rented a car seat and didn't have his infant carrier that I really wanted it. Things like going to a restaurant for a quick bite. It is so much easier on him and I if I could just pick up the carrier while he is sleeping and take him into the restaurant.
My ds hates the carseat, too. He's now 5 mo. old and STILL hates it. ARg!!! We have a Graco Safeseat (it's infant, but on the bigger size because it will hold up to 30lbs) and recently got a Britax Roundabout because we had a car accident. I like the Britax in that he can sit up straighter (and therefore look around) and it's softer. The only bad thing is that when (this is rarely!) I get him to sleep in the carseat I find that in the Britax he has less head support and his head just kind of hangs down
So, it probably doesn't matter which you use in terms of keeping baby happy. If your dc is anything like mine you'll be working hard the whole trip!!!

We travelled so much last month and stopping to breastfeed frequently wasn't even keeping him happy that I resorted to giving a bottle of EBM or formula when I ran out and that worked. Ugh...I wasn't happy about having to do that, but it was that or my sanity! It didn't help that our car got wrecked on the 2nd of 3 trips....

Good luck! Maybe you'll get lucky and kiddo will sleep a good chunk. Those streaks of good luck have come to us on occassion!
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I'm worried about the head thing too. i noticed it wobbles more in the britax. I have a head stabilizer that I could put in, but I worry that the straps won't fit like they should. Thanks for the luck, who knows, maybe it won't be as awful as I'm expecting...

Yikes about the wreck, I hope everyone was ok.

Deanna~I usally sling dd too, even if she's asleep, she wakes up as soon as we put the carrier down. At least on the way down and back, I don't want to stop unless she's awake.
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