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Oh goodness. There are so many that I'd like to try. I would love to try anything wool. I haven't had any experience with that. I would like to try Motherease's, Full Moon Baby Gear, and Angelwraps. I'm sure there's more but I can't remember!

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I would like a Squash colored Patchwork Pixie Woodland wool wrap in a medium. I love the thin wool....and...MORE fireflies! I would really really like a hemp Kelly Green colored one. I dunno if it even exists.

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Well, I would like to have something from the Diaper Garden.
I have had bad luck with Fuz, though - I have some Fireflies (technically not Fuz, I know) and an Easy Wool and they just don't work very well on Cole's body type, I guess. So I am reluctant to spend the $$ to try the pricier items - why bother, yk? I only want it 'cause it's pretty.

I would also
to have one of RB's beautiful and creative freehand embroidered sets, like the nefertiti or the giraffe or any of the many others I could name, lol. I am scared to get started on this road though because the FLAGs *do* fit Cole extremely well, so if the covers work on him too (which they probably would) I might be tempted to just sign our checking account over to Ann.
I'd also really like a pair of LTK's longies. And I want to try First Class Baby fitteds, and Patchwork Pixie wool covers. I'm sure there are more... oh, yeah, and I'd like a Tuesday Bear cover, some really cool custom thing I haven't even thought of yet. Can you tell I am on a buying hiatus??? (pant, pant) I need to go breathe into a paper bag.

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lets see...there is so much i want to try...

patchwork pixie fitted
granny's ark aio or fitted
anything fuz just to see what the fuss is all about.

fern and faerie recycled diaper
chumbas supertrim or pul sandwich aio
one of those super cute starbunz animal diapers.

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Right now I'm still building my stash, so there are a lot of things I want to try and I'm confused as to what to get next! But I'd like to try...
chumbas aio
full moon baby gear

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I would like to try EVERYTHING!! :LOL seriously, on my wish list is:
+Sugarpeas WindPro cover<-- IN THE MAIL!!
+FMBG AIO<-- GOT THIS ONE!! I lLOVE it! I want to marry it!
+Retro Kitty Cover from Fluffy Mail<-- got a PUL cover, saving up for retro kitty

+HoneyBoy Fitted since our cover fits so well<-- not really so interested anymore
+TyeDyed PFs from Tye Dye Dreams<--- IN THE MAIL!!
Apron Strings pocket dipe

I'm sure there are more that I have coveted...
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I REALLY want a small May trees fuzbomb. Checking the TP everyday that someone will offer one up, luckily I some time before I need it

Also on my list as I build my NB stash:
small fuz fitted & wio bomb
ElBee fitteds and covers (just waiting for my number to come up and to have the $$)
a Tuesday Bear wool cover
Apron Strings pocket dipe, I LOVE the flame print
RB sz1 wool shell, I'm really hoping to get a custom slot sometime in the next year
A Jaiden's Jubilee AIO, just trying to decide what to get.

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Oooh...I'm sure I'll leave out some of the ones I want to try because it's hard to keep all of them in mind...

In no particular order and off the top of my head...

(Don't even ask me what type...AIO, Cover, etc...'cause I don't even know...LOL!)

I *really* want to try Fireflies. How much is a rainbow anyway?
Something from FMBG
Something from Righteous Baby
Something from Fuz

I can't think of anything else right now.

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Ok I guess I should post my own wish list!

(I only do natural fabric fitteds) This list is in no particular order:

7th Heaven
Bizzy B Hive
Patchwork Pixie
Toot Sweet
Full Moon Baby Gear
Puddlecatcher (not sure on this one)
Kind Hearted Woman
Baby Greens
Buckeye Bottoms
Lounging Lizards when she has her new froggy's available

Oh geeze! There are probably more too

LOL - I keep a list in my draft folder!

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okay, i'll play

i'd like to try some
angelwraps AIO
first class baby fitted
Indian prefolds
LTK soaker
any longies with a matching sweater/hat type thing for little dd
bizzy bee hive fitted
stacinator wool
bumkins cover for ds
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