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Which fitteds do you like and why?

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I've been bitten by the bug

I just got some Cloud 9 Softies off Trading Post and LOVE THEM!! These are my second venture into fitteds (first was Kissaluv which I didn't like). So I made one of my own which turned out well, but here I am browsing the TP everyday searching for the ultimate deal. Problem is, I know next to nothing about these fitted dipes - very few names are familiar to me.

Sooo....... Which fitteds do you like and why? If you were to recommend someone to try just one or two kinds, what would they be? My dd is 9 months old and VERY chubbylicious. Probably around 23 or 24 lbs.

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I love organic cotton fireflys. Trim, soft, fast drying, and no doublers to search the dryer for. Love 'em, love 'em, love 'em.
I've more-or-less settled on 3 kinds of fitted dipes that I'd recommend:
- Motherease OS
- EeZi Gear Everybaby
- Sugar Peas side-snap

'em all!
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I love trim and absorbent. I love my FCBs, Lullaby Diapers, and also my Sugarbums and my Very Baby side snap.
The only fitted we've got is Sugarpeas. Dh likes them because sometimes they're easier to put on than prefolds (although it's the opposite for me). I'd really like to try some of the one-size Muttaqin's. I've heard they are great, and I think some folks even use them overnight. But alas, no money to spare right now, so I just drool over at the site.

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I haven't found a one size I didn't like. I also really love FCB and RB FLAGs. If you want to try out more fitteds, I'd get a Muttaqin, they are easy to get, will fit any size baby, and are adorable and well made.
I love Sammy Serpas... I bought three of them at less than two weeks ago. They were $7.75 each. Now, they're $10.15! I'm glad I got them when I did. I also really like Cuddlebuns. I just bought four more and a cuddlewrap. They're a little mroe pricey, though.
We love our Pinheads , our Muttaqins, and for fast drying I really like Firefly fitteds.

There are sooo many out there tho and I have a few other brands that I wont part with since they fit so well, but we have a skinny dd so I can't offer too many suggestions with chub!
ValorKids are my favorite of all I've tried hands down. They fit my chunk perfectly.

For nighttime its SugarPlumBaby.
I like several.
Fuzbaby are my favorite usually, but hard to find so I don't recommend them.
Valor Kids are great.
Fireflys are wonderful, and easy to get.
Bottombumpers are loverly.
El Bees are heavily sought but worth it if you can get one.
I just love SOS too.
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The only two that I use are FCB and Mudpie Babies. Love them both. Dh will even venture into putting on a wool cover/soaker because our Mudpie Babies are side Aplix closure (his favorite).
Another vote for fireflies and Valor Kids! Love them!
I haven't tried a ton of different ones, but I love FCB/LC for the great fit and super absorbency. I really like the celestial baby that I just got (although the rise is a bit high) and I'm also really liking the two darling diaper fitteds I have. One is a pocket. I didn't care for sugar peas, nor did I care for SOS (guess I'm not a one-size fan). I prefer side snaps and lower rise dipes.

I also have one loveybums and one sugarbums that I like quite a bit, too.

I'm waiting for a schnoogly snap and a simon's custom cloth, too.
I love Righteous Baby flag dipes because they have a low rise and are very snug. And I love Little Caboose for the great fit and anything Terri makes at fullmoon baby gear is always a treat!

I also have alot of luke's drawers one size because they are so cute and will last for all sizes
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oh, i love softies!!! one of my all time favorite fitteds.

i also like firefly, elbees, and our newly, acquired bottombumpers fitted.
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SOS! They fit so well, and are trim and so well made. I just can't get enough of them.
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I have several VK fitteds for the upcoming baby and I love them.
I like our Little Caboose dipes ... they are very well made and the size 2 is great for over night!
The down side is it's an Olympic event trying to get one! :LOL
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My faves are lullaby diapers They are the most unique I have seen. They have a snap in duble that is shaped in all the right places. I just had to order 2 more. SHHH! Don't tell DH! I needed dora & strawberry shortcake!
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