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Which is better for teeth - No milk or pasteurized milk?

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When I was pregnant with DD2 I ate almost no dairy. I just sort of followed my gut about it which led me away from it. I did drink kefir from time to time and some raw cheese but we can't get raw milk in Idaho (though I have recently found some, yay!). Now I am a little concerned I may have compromised mine and my dd's health for lack of minerals. I did eat a lot of salad, fruits and eggs and meats, wild salmon 1-2 x per week, and tried to get a small handful of soaked and dehydrated sunflower seeds in during the last trimester. I also supplemented with a magnesium citrate daily but I really sort of left the calcium supplementation alone. I figured that no milk was better than pasteurized milk but I really don't know if this is true. I guess I read somewhere that pasteurized milk can actually hinder mineral absorption? What do they do in Asian cultures to get all the minerals they need? Also, I didn't take any prenatals. I just didn't feel right about that either. The experts say to eat lots of dairy while pregnant but I ate almost none.
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