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Which is more breathable?

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Charlie's doctor wanted us to stop using wool, so we did. We went to almost all pockets.
Well that's been a few weeks and he has had a bad diaper rash off and on (first time in his life, pretty amazing when you consider that for a long time, his bum was the only part of his body that even HAD skin!) and I am wondering if he is just too stuffed up.
So for overnight, which is more breathable...

a stuffed pocket (2 microterry towels from Sam's, or a premium prefold, or 2 cotton babies and a joey bunz are our typical system)

or fitted (happy hempy with 2 microterry towels or an infant prefold [in the HH], or under the nile with a joey bunz and ecobaby doubler) with aristocrats or disana wool cover

what do you think?
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the fitted with the crat would be more breathable for sure.
I would go with the fitted with the wool for sure. why did they tell you to stop using wool? that's weird...LOL

Because of Charlie's numerous skin issues and allergies and immune responses, they wanted him out of wool for awhile to see if anything changed. Well... he IS a lot clearer than he has been in months... might be the wool, might not. But they were thinking he has a wool allergy. So, we gave up the wool for awhile. I'll start back at night and see if he gets worse again.
The wool would definitely be more breathable.
I can see their logic...however wool itself is hypoallergenic, it would be the chemicals the wool is treated with to strip the lanolin that people are allergic to. I would get a good organic wool cover that wouldnt have these chemicals in them, and see how he does then...poor lil guy!!
have you considered a FLEECE cover or pocket? you can get a stacinator fleece cover, instead of wool, or there are a variety of pockets which have a waterproof fleece layer on the outside, instead of pul..........Fleece is more breathable than pul, but still waterproof......Just a thought...we LOVE our fleece here....
gonna rant here... hopefully you'll take it with a grain of salt.
please folks, lay off the 'wool is hypoallergenic' stuff. Honestly. I know you are trying to be helpful, but stop.
Just because most people aren't allergic to it, doesn't mean that no one is or can be. I personally HAVE noticed a difference since we scrapped the wool. Maybe it's cyclical. Maybe the news meds are doing it. Whatever. But if he is allergic to wool, he's allergic to wool. People can be allergic to anything. If he is allergic to wool, what difference would another brand of wool make?
This rant comes from MONTHS of having people make dumb suggestions (have you switched your detergent?), strange suggestions (maybe you should see a doctor!), and being told by many people (most often by someone on MDC) that I can't trust his doctors and that they are trying to kill him.
So, here is a place I feel safe and I am gonna rant. I hope you guys can accept that. But for the first time in my child's LIFE, he has skin. Everywhere. Even his legs only have a few little broken spots. But he has SKIN. And it's the first time in his life he's been out of wool. Any wool. Organic or not. Maybe it's a coincidence, maybe it's not.
But if one more person tells me it cannot be the wool, I'm gonna scream.
And there aren't even any damn smilies!! Just when I need them!! Ahhh!!!

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Why do you wanna try a crat or Disnana wool if your babe is doing better without?
sorry, I dont know your babes story but i'm glad to hear he is better.
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I am willing to give it a shot again, as I don't know that the wool has bothered him.
It's just a matter of being told over and over again that complete strangers know better for him than us, his doctors, etc. Not necessarily happened on the diapering board but has happened WAY too many times on MDC and, well, I'm at my breaking point with just about everything right now and the wool question just put me over the top in the "I'm right, you're wrong" category.

I DO want to clear this diaper rash. But my asking which is more breathable turning into 'he's not allergic, he can't be, try another brand' got to me.
I can understand how that can bother you.
what kind of woll did you use before? I dont know about disana but crat wool isnt the softest i have ever felt. It isnt scratchy either though and those babies rock when lanolized right.
I was just thinking that a nice soft wool might be easier on the skin.
sorry, i gotta say here - you're right splash, so I'm gonna back you up...

we use wool, love wool but...

wool is NOT not not not hypoallergenic.

really nothing is truly 'hypoallergenic'. there will always be someone who is allergic anything you can name.

not only the fact that the wool can be an allergen, but think about this - the wool came off of an animal. A grazing animal. An animal who lives outside. An animal who wanders thru all kinds of stuff. And I don't care how processed the wool is, it will have some residue of it's previous life, latent on the fibers.

okay, sorry to go off-topic, but I just had to say that. it irks me when people make absolute statements about anything.

back on-topic, yeah the wool would be more breathable, but I've read your stories and ordeal with poor charlie and I'd be hesitant to go back just yet, he's only been well for a short while. I'd find a cover with air-flow or something and have him wear a fitted. or I'd bundle him up huge with an organic cotton fitted, 2 even, and no cover, and change him at night. Of course that means a lack of sleep... anyway, just my thinking.

You've really been thru it all, i'm so happy to read that he's doing better...
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We change him at night. Oh boy do we! At least twice, sometimes more. Thanks for understanding though.

We've used-
7th Heaven
WAHM non organic
WAHM organic
Staccinator felted
Sugar peas

I think that's it.

As far as fleece, we have on staccinator and one polar bummi and neither can come close to working at night. I'd buy a bear bottoms soaker or something to that effect, but I don't want to spend the money on something that might not even work when money is so tight right now to begin with. And we have PLENTY of pockets. So we can make it overnight fine. I just wondered if every other night or so would be better to be in wool or something more breathable.
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Hey, I have a bear bottoms soaker. It really works well, I wish I could part with it and send it your way. Maybe you could sell some things that didn't work for you on the trading post and get funds. I like that the bear bottoms has untreated fleece, meaning that there is no extra stuff to deal with. I think I paid $21 for mine at - I think you know the place.
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a possibly stupid question- have you thought about acrylic soakers/longies?
I've never even HEARD of them. Where do I get them? Are they comfy?
And yes, I KNOW GMD!!

Originally Posted by MistyMM
I can see their logic...however wool itself is hypoallergenic, it would be the chemicals the wool is treated with to strip the lanolin that people are allergic to. I would get a good organic wool cover that wouldnt have these chemicals in them, and see how he does then...poor lil guy!!
Misty, I am not going to argue with you. You said right there, specifically, that people are allergic to the chemicals, not the wool.

Yes, I hope he does grow out of whatever is wrong with him. And i hope he is not allergic to the wool. But being told that his parents and doctors are wrong and that someone who has never met him is right is getting tiring.
I have followed Charlie's saga through your blog and I can only imagine your frustration. People are only trying to help, and they probably don't understand what it's like to have a child with a serious medical issue.

I remember when Nitara had her NG tube in her nose and people would ask me, "Did you ever try breastfeeding? Did you try goat's milk?" I wanted to say, "No I didn't. Now why didn't I try breastfeeding or goat's milk first, before I took her to the hospital and allowed them to shove this feeding tube down her nose because she won't eat at all?" But I just smiled and tried to explain how sick she really was.

BTW I'm allergic to wool. Even washed wool. My grandma gave me a blanket years ago that she made. It has wool on the inside. I washed that thing so many times in free and clear type detergents, I washed it on super hot and dried it on hot to kill possible dust mites. Nothing worked. I can't sleep under that particular blanket.
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