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Which middle name for Native American baby?

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My little one is due in Aug. I don't know what I am expecting, but it is probably going to be a boy. I just think so.
Anyway, my husband is Cherokee, and he gave the name of Eve Bluebird to our daughter.
With this child, we really like the name of Julius (Jules) after a beloved great uncle. We are looking for some Native American name for a middle name like with DD. DH is from the bird clan, but we weren't set on bird names. I have been praying alot, and every time I seek for the right name, I see crows everywhere. So I am wondering if that is a sign for the name. I am still pondering on this middle name, but I need some input.
Would you chose:
or something that is similar?

I need some ideas.
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I like Raven or maybe Hawk.
Blackbird is nice and has a symmetry with your daughter's middle name.

I'll keep thinking about other black bird names and come back later.
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Originally Posted by To-Fu View Post
Blackbird is nice and has a symmetry with your daughter's middle name.

I'll keep thinking about other black bird names and come back later.

You don't think blackbird is to similar to bluebird?
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I really like Raven.
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Originally Posted by firewoman View Post
I like Raven or maybe Hawk.
Interesting you brought up hawks. My husband has a special connection to hawks. But I want the connection to be with the baby too. I wish my husband would speak up about names this time around, but I think he is relying on me to find out what the baby wants. I still think he can be in tune with the baby even if it is in my womb. We might go with hawk a type of, but I am just not feeling it. But you never know.
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I agree that I like Raven- it has the same rhythem as a lot of popular names right now too, so it sounds more like a name to me than Crow.
I like Raven or Blackbird.
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sounds like you have your answer-i would follow the signs and use the name crow.
I have Hawk on my list, too.

I'm not a Native-American, but I like to give my kids a nature name in the spirit of Native-Americans.

My dd is Janey Sky (which was really Sky-touching-ground, like when you see a rain squall in the distance).
And my son is Forest Patrick.

I am on my third, another boy. I can not find his nature name, he is due in 8 weeks!

Names I have:
River (I loved River Phoenix, River is used for girls a lot now, but as a middle name I think it is still strong)

(I live in So. Cal on a cayon with sage and a view of a mountain; Hawks fly over our yard)

I like the name Raven, but is so frequently used as a girl name. Ithink Crow is cool, but we have Ravens flying around here, not crows. Though, I guess we don't have any Forests in the neighborhood and that didn't stop me from naming my son Forest.
I think I have to use the nature name in the middle this time, bc of having used Forest already as a first name.

I like Fox, but I don't know about the connotations (like sneaky/sly), that is why I prefer Hawk, though that can have a rather aggressive connotation. The reality is that the ravens around here are constantly harassing the poor hawks as they calmly soar on thermals.

You could also think about Eagle and Falcon.
What about names like Wind or Rain or Wolf?

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I think the name Julius Raven flows beautifully, but I would probably be mindful of the signs/guidance you are receiving and go with Crow.
Does anyone know if there are any nicer sounding names for crow?
Good thing I am not getting signs of skunks!
How about Corbin, Bran or Lonan?
Corbin is Crow or Raven, Bran is Raven and Lonan is blackbird.
The scientific name for the crow/raven family is corvid. Have you considered asking anyone from your husband's family about names and naming traditions, either within the family or within the larger tribal culture?

I like Blackbird (and redwinged blackbirds have the most beautiful birdsong).

Could you do two names, like "Black Crow"?

Jules Black Crow sounds like more of a tough customer than Julius Blackbird - maybe it will also depend on meeting the baby.

Why not check out a copy of Sibley's Birds - it's an awesome field guide, and maybe you will even recognize the birds in your dreams.
I like Julius Black Crow. It flows well, sounds "tough," fits your visions and it goes well with bluebird too.
What about Robin?
How about any of these?

Adahi Cherokee In the oak tree woods.
Adahy Cherokee In the oak tree woods.
Galegina Cherokee Stag
Onacona Cherokee White owl.
Onaconah Cherokee White owl.
Sikwaii Cherokee Sparrow
Tennesy Cherokee Mighty warrior, River.
Tennysee Cherokee Mighty warrior, River.
Waia Cherokee Wolf
Waiah Cherokee Wolf
Waya Cherokee Wolf
Wayah Cherokee Wolf


Here's a list of words in Cherokee, inc. the word for crow:
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Ravens are very interesting birds as are crows.

I would maybe look at other languages tied to your cultures for Raven/Crow meaning names one idea is Corvus which is latin for Raven or Corax, Corbeau, Corbell, Corbellot, Corbiau, Corvo. This site has a list of foreign terms for Crow and Raven.

It has Raven in Cherokee as Kalanu which is kind of nice.
Have you thought about checking out any books from the library about Cherokee stories/legends? Are there any about ravens or crows? I bet it would be neat for your son to have a story to go with his name...
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