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which nb dipes are your fave?

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A fellow mdc'er is going to have her baby soon, (minicooper) and she is having a shower in a couple of weeks, so I was thinking I would get her some dipes of course! I know the kissaluvs nb are supposed to be great, but I am at a loss for which cover would be good with these? and I would like to get her some prefolds as well, SO! what would you recommend? covers, dipes, aio's, prefolds...lay it on!

Oh, I was trying to do a search but for some reason I wasn't allowed, b/c I know there is lots of info in these threads, but I just can't get to it right if you would please humour me...

Thank you!!
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Some Kissaluvs colors would be soooo yummy. My sister just got a newborn Kind Hearted Women hemp fitted in the mail. She loves it.
Having just outgrown nb's, I'll tell you what worked for Becca. We loved Kissaluvs for the first few weeks. NB Proraps fit great over these. We then moved to CPFs and they fit great at around 10 days. We snappied them and still used the Proraps. I liked the 8 ply best as she has always been a heavy wetter. HTH
We started out in size smalls here-

But we used:
Sugarpeas size 1 printeds
Poochies diapers size small
And Bummis SIWW covers size small

It wasn't too long before he could wear our current favorite:
Lukes Drawers Candy Wrapper AIOs.
I really liked Kissaluvs w/ Alexis Featherlite pull on covers. I think Bummis makes ones that are similar. I found that I didn't like to have to snap a diaper and then fasten the cover too. It was easier to just pull on a cover. And we didn't have any leaks.
gerber flats, infant cpf's...I bet I'd like to try kissaluv's 0's if I had another one.
i used kissaluv o's with newborn nikky 100% cotton covers. i love those soft, you know they are breathable, and no leakage at all with the kissaluvs underneath.
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When my DD was a newborn I loved my UBCPF's they were the best thing I had- and I did have a lot of dipes! I loved my Bummis Whisper pants too. Are you thinking of getting NB size or something larger? Personaly I would have loved to have some size M fitted, becasue they grow out of NB so fast and stay in M for a while. If I was to get a gift I would love a nice wool soaker- that would make my heart scream!
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